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Wireless Ear BudsWireless Ear Buds  "Winner of Popular Mechanics Editor's Choice Award, these are the only wireless earbuds that allow you to listen to MP3s without being tethered to the music player."  (Added November  2, 2008)

Digital-out Turn TableDigital-out Turn Table  "The Stanton T.80 brings futuristic looks and the latest digital technology together in a world-class turntable with a powerful direct-drive motor. With Key Lock built-in, DJs can adjust the tempo of a record without affecting pitch, while a S/PDIF digital output makes the T.80 great for archiving vinyl or for use with a digital mixer."  (Added April 23, 2007)

Speakers From Wine BottlesSangria Sound System  "There's nothing finer in life than surrounding yourself with friends over a jug or two of my Sangria wine.  Well, besides maybe surrounding your friends with the thump of 5.1 surround sound stereo at the same time.  Thanks to the Sangria Surround Sound System, whether you're watching an action movie or getting down with your bad self on the living room dance floor, you're sure to feel the bass in our face while enjoying the subtle, fruty waft of Sangria in the air."  (Added August 1, 2006)

Tube Car AudioAll-tube car amp  "The BaM-230 is a dual thirty watt vacuum tube amplifier which was developed for use in automobiles.  It was designed for high reliability, long tube life, freedom from bias adjustment and startlingly real sonics.  If you appreciate the life-like sounds that only tubes can reproduce, you'll find this amplifier an emotionally moving experience."  (Added June 20, 2006)

On-wall subwooferOn-wall subwoofer  "Let’s be honest-- one of the coolest parts of having a home theater system is the ability to crank it up and to surprise unsuspecting friends or relatives with a few explosions or surround-sound effects.  And nothing helps to achieve this “surprise attack” of sound more than a stealthy install that doesn’t have large speakers or subwoofers sitting out in the room.  With the increasing popularity of on-wall and in-wall speakers, it seems the perfect time to explore the possibilities for creating a homemade stealthy subwoofer."  (Added April 19, 2006)

Another tube powered speaker system Australian-made  "112:dB is the medium sized valve powered model in '[act:eve] dB ' loudspeaker range.  It is suitable for reproduction of music at average 100dB or less pressure level, measured at common listening position of 3 to 4 meters from the loudspeakers.  They can produce much louder peaks."  (Added February 9, 2006)

Tube Technology Meets Digital Technology Triodes for your iPod  "Using superior analog technology all but lost in today's common digital electronics, this is the first tube-based iPod speaker system, producing a luxurious warmth and clarity prized by audiophiles and previously difficult to reproduce outside of custom-built amplifiers of a handful of live musicians."  (Added January 27, 2006)

Vacuum Tube Active Speaker System Vacuum Tube Active Speaker System  (Photo from printed brochure) "Achieve high end tube amplifier performance, in a compact active speaker configuration.  The amplifier features a single 6F2 and a pair of EL84/6P14 tubes, mounted conspicuously in the top of the enclosure.  This arrangement provides very clean 15W RMS output over the entire audio frequency spectrum.  The speaker system utilizes a 1" soft dome tweeter and 31/2" long throw woofer, in a rear ported, 3/4" MDF enclosure."  (Added January 18, 2006)

$350,000 Wavac SH-833 Monoblock: $350,000  "Yes, $350,000 is a great deal of money to pay for a pair of amplifiers...You could probably hang a copy of a Picasso on the wall and be able to derive an equal amount of pleasure from it, and few would know the difference.  Yet people pay millions for a Picasso..."  (Added January 16, 2006)

Palmtop Tube Amp?Palm-sized tube amplifier "The iMP is a power amp intended for studio use, or with small sound sources such as iPods, mini-disc/cd players and laptops to power passive monitors.  Perfect for your office or recording can put the iMP AMP right on your desk with bookshelf speakers and have a mini tube hi-fi setup for your iPod!  Comes with AC Power Adaptor."  (Added November 18, 2005)

$230,000Glass enclosures...$230,000 "Simply stated, The Force is without equal and the specifications reflect its amazing performance – exceptional frequency response, incredible sensitivity, and unprecedented room independence.  Sensitivity is measured at 2m instead of 1m, and because of the line source figure–8 radiation pattern of The Force, the fall-off will be quadratic rather than cubic (anechoically). Under many circumstances however, the sound pressure level hardly decreases with increased distance to The Force. The very desirable result is that much less power is needed to achieve realistic listening levels and dynamics will excel."  (Added October 31, 2005)

Bass Blowing In The WindRotary Subwoofer Jerry and Alfred witnessed this unique woofer's performance with test tones, down to 5 Hz.  Are we another step closer to achieving "DC-to-light"?  (Added October 6, 2005)

Beer Bottle Organs!Beer bottle organs We all blew air across the tops of bottles when we were kids.  Well, maybe we still do it.  Anyway, the Peterson Tuners company is one outfit that took the idea to the extreme.  (Added August 10, 2005)

The Prima Voce series purpose built horn78 RPM Transcription System Unlike other companies who tend to use modern electric pick ups to transfer their records we prefer to play our 78s using an acoustic horn gramophone.  In doing this we produce a warm, vibrant and extremely lifelike sound which requires very little processing (only the worst clicks are removed) before issue.  In fact the only 'electric' part of the whole playback process is the Technics SL-15 turntable which is used to ensure that the record is running at the correct speed.  (Added July 5, 2005)

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